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Airthings-292 Wave Mini – Indoor Air Quality


Airthings-292 Wave Mini – Indoor Air Quality – Chemicals (TVOCs), Humidity, Temperature 20 x 30 x 1

Style Wave Mini
Power source Battery Powered
Colour Wave Mini
Item weight 135 Grams
Alarm Visual
About this item
FOR EVERY ROOM: Airthings Wave Mini is the ideal indoor air quality companion for any room in the home.
FRESH AIR SENSORS: Effortlessly monitor toxins and chemicals (Total VOCs), humidity and temperature to ensure optimum comfort and healthy levels in every room.
TAKE CONTROL: Airthings Wave Mini alerts you when levels are too high, enabling you to ventilate accordingly. Note: Supports wall mounting or table stand
WHAT ARE VOCS? Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are toxins and chemicals that can cause serious short and long-term health effects. They are emitted from everyday items including cleaning supplies, cooking fumes, paints, plastics, toys and outdoor pollution.
HEALTHY HUMIDITY: Easily maintain healthy indoor humidity levels between 30% - 59% as the EPA recommends.
QUICK AND CLEAR RESULTS: Wave in front of the monitor for a visual indication or connect the Airthings App via Bluetooth for detailed insights into your air.
COMPLETE INDOOR AIR QUALITY: Place a Wave Mini in any room to view your indoor air data over time and improve indoor air quality overall.