Insteon i3 Dial Wall Dimmer

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Insteon i3 Dial Wall Dimmer


Insteon I3 Lighting Dial Wall Dimmer


Ultimate control:

  • Insteon products work together with or without a Hub.

  • By Adding the Insteon Hub 2 (sold separately) and Director app; simplify setup, run your lighting on a schedule, or control your lights from anywhere.

  • Works with Amazon's Alexa, and Google Assistant.

Simple and intuitive:

  • The Dial is designed for simplicity, taking the guesswork out of creating the perfect mood.

Intelligently reliable:

  • With patented dual-mesh technology, even if your Wi-Fi is down, your switches still work.

Understated elegance:

  • The Dial features a sleek and understated design to blend into any decor.


  • The rotating dial is instantly familiar to all, with no complicated sliders, or buttons - just turn the dial to adjust the lighting level, and tap it to turn on or off.

  • Use the Insteon Hub to simplify setup, access, and set schedules, or to control your lights from anywhere with the app.

  • Control one fixture or an entire room from one switch; easily pairs with other Insteon products to create multi-switch circuits.

  • Supports up to 400W incandescent/halogen bulbs or 150W LED bulbs.

  • New items have a 30-day return window and are warrantied for 2 years from the purchase date.