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Ring Smart Lighting Wired FloodLight Black


The Ring Smart Lighting wired floodlight installs on a standard 120V wall box and provides motion activated light.  Great around the perimeter of the house, garages, sheds or porches.  It has dual powerful LED floods to shed light on the area.  The wired flood light has 3 times the power of the battery powered version.

When connected to the Ring Bridge you'll also be able to control the light with the Ring app and sync it with other lights, Ring Doorbells or Ring cameras.

The Ring bridge also allows you to control it with an Alexa device and to allow Alexa to notify you if motion is sensed.

Ring 5W21S8-BEN0 Wired Smart FloodLight Features:

  • Dual Bright LED Floods
  • 2000 lumens, 3500K colour temperature
  • Light level adjustable
  • Powered by 120V
  • Adjustable Motion Detection
  • Auto shut off time from 30 seconds to 2 minutes
  • Works with Alexa (requires bridge)
  • Smart phone control using Ring app (requires bridge)
  • Can be grouped with other lights or Ring doorbells and cameras (requires bridge)
  • IP66 outdoor rated
  • Operating temperature -20C to 50C