StelPro Uniwatt Orange Construction Heater 4800W 240V

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StelPro Uniwatt Orange Construction Heater 4800W 240V


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Uniwatt’s UCH48T is a construction heater which packs an output power of 4800 W. Construction sites, workshops and garages can get very chilly depending on the time of year and having a source of heating can be a comfort much needed especially when working long hours in these elements. This heater’s cone shape helps it concentrate air around the element and its nichrome elements ensure an instant heat start-up time.

A built-in thermostat allows you to control the temperature. It also features a rugged protective grille and 20-gauge steel cabinet making it incredibly resilient to harsh environments. Connects to a 30A 250V grounded receptacle. Comes with a handle for ease of portability that can also serve as a cord rack while being transported.

Uniwatt UCH48T Construction Heater Features:

  • Built-in thermostat
  • Nichrome element ensures increased comfort
  • Cone-shape helps in concentrating air around the element
  • 20-gauge steel cabinet
  • Connects to 30A 250V grounded receptacle
  • 4800W @ 240 volts or 3600W at 208 volts
  • Thermal protection with automatic reset motor 250 CFM fan
  • Tough and rugged handle for portability, can serve as cord rack
  • Dimensions: 9 5/8” x 10 1/2" x 11”
  • 2 Year Warranty