TP-Link Kasa Smart WiFi Light Dimmer

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TP-Link Kasa Smart WiFi Light Dimmer


Set the right atmosphere in your customer's home and match the mood for any activity with the Kasa Smart WiFi Light Switch and Dimmer from TP-Link.


With the Kasa Smart App included with this dimmer, your customers can control their room's brightness and set the ambiance for any mood or activity.


Fade the lights off to give users time to exit a room, or gently fade the lights as a child falls asleep with the Gentle Off Function.


Your customers can easily control their lights from anywhere with the Kasa Smart Light app. Conveniently Set a schedule or control the brightness from a smartphone.


On the Kasa Smart Light app, a grouping feature allows your customers to combine their devices into groups for seamless, easy control of their lights with a single tap.


With Alexa and Google Assistant, users can use their voice to control this smart light and dimmer with simple voice commands.


The dimmer is designed with users in mind. It includes built-in up and down dimmer buttons for fine-tuning, a brightness indicator, a quick-tap toggle option, and an illuminating LED status indicator to help users find the switch in the dark.


This device uses the home's secure 2.4GHz wireless network, so there's no need for a hub or any extra equipment.


The Kasa Smart app includes simple, easy-to-follow instructions of the wiring process for a guided walkthrough on how to install the new Kasa Smart Light Switch and Dimmer.

TPLink HS220 Kasa Smart WiFi Light Switch and Dimmer Features:

  • Intuitive design - Switch includes a brightness indicator, built-in up and down dimmer buttons, quick-tap toggle, and a LED indicator to help users find it in the dark
  • Kasa Smart Light app allows users to control and manage lights, brightness, and lighting schedules
  • Grouping options within the app allow users to couple their devices together for easier single-tap management
  • Works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant for simple voice control
  • Gentle Off allows users to slowly fade the room's light
  • Works with the home's secure WiFi network, so no additional hubs are needed
  • Includes simple wiring installation walkthrough

Product includes:

  • 1 Smart Light Switch/Dimmer
  • 1 Wall Plate
  • 2 Wire Nuts
  • 1 Quick Start Guide