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Aiphone Handset Sub Master For IE-8MD


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This a clearance item available at a reduced price. 

The Aiphone IE-8HD is a submaster station handset to be used as a substation for rooms in the Aiphone IE-8 series.

This handset offers a variety of features such as door release at entrances, selective and all-call intercom between stations, call transfer, different call tones, and adjustable volume.

With the Aiphone IE-8HD, door call-in is announced with either a two or four-stroke chime. It also features a handset for private communication, selective door release control, and chime volume control.

IE-8HD Features: 

  • Selective call or all-call between handsets
  • Sub handset to communicate with a maximum of two IE series door stations.
  • Includes intercom features as well as private conversation features
  • simple 4 conductor wiring between handsets
  • Works with the Aiphone IE-8 Series
  • A good choice for commercial, educational, healthcare settings, and more
  • Easy installation - only required 4 wires from each entrance, and 4 wires between room stations
  • Manufacturer's warranty included