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AirTag Cat Collar


AirTag Cat Collar, Reflective Kitten Collar Breakaway Apple Air Tag Cat Collar, GPS Cat Collar with AirTag Holder and Bell, Lightweight Tracker Cat Collars for Girl Boy Cats, Kittens and Puppies (Black)
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  • Find your cat easily: our reflective cat collar is specially designed for Apple airtag. You can easily find and track your pet through the find my app on iPhone. With the elastic airtag case, the air tag can be securely held and prevent AirTags from falling off or dangling.
  • Latest upgrade: please forget those buckles with lug design. As the latest generation of airtag cat collar, in order to prevent your cat from being scratched, it adopts a safer circular breakaway safety buckle. If your cat is trapped, the safety buckle will be released when it breaks free to prevent the cat from suffocating in extreme cases.
  • Perfect design: this airtag cat collar has three reflective strips. It’s easier to find your cat in the dark and lack of light. Apple airtag cat collar will make your pet safe at night! At the same time, the cat collar is also equipped with exquisite bells. If your cat doesn’t like it, you can also remove the bell.
  • Light and comfortable: the cute cat collar is made of well sewn nylon. It is light, soft and breathable, and will not stimulate the cat’s skin. It is comfortable to wear. It will not make the cat feel any discomfort for a long time.
  • Adjustable collar size: the length can be adjusted to fit the pet neck size of 7.87 – 13 inches. 3/8 inch wide, it is very suitable for most cats, kittens, dogs and small dogs. Find the most comfortable size for them.