Ring Alarm Wireless Keypad, Gen 2

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Ring Alarm Wireless Keypad, Gen 2


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This Ring Indoor Wireless Keypad lets you easily arm and disarm your home's Ring Alarm System from within your home.



With this wireless control keypad, you can choose from Home, Away, or Disarmed preprogrammed modes. Select Away mode to activate the entire system before you leave, Disarm to deactivate all sensors, or Home mode to activate select sensors for flexible security.


Along with the various built-in modes, this device also allows for customizable entry delay and exit delay up to 180 seconds and includes one-touch emergency buttons for police, fire, and medical responses for peace of mind.



This keypad control panel only takes a few minutes to set up and install. It can plug into any standard power outlet, and also comes with a rechargeable internal battery for wire-free mode. The keypad can be mounted on a wall, or placed on a tabletop for your convenience.


Ring 4AK1SZ-0EN0 Wireless Keypad, Gen 2 Features:

  • Easily arm and disarm your Ring Alarm system
  • Sleek, aesthetically pleasing design
  • Choose from Home, Away and Disarmed preprogrammed security modes
  • Customizable Entry Delay and Exit Delay up to 180 seconds
  • Includes one-touch emergency buttons for police, fire and medical response
  • Can be plugged into a power outlet - also includes an internal rechargeable battery for wireless usage
  • Can be mounted on a wall or placed on a tabletop and countertop
  • Requires the Ring Alarm Security Kit - Professional monitoring requires a Ring Protect Plus subscription and in-app enrolment in professional monitoring