Salton Coffee Mug & Tea Cup Warmer

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Salton Coffee Mug & Tea Cup Warmer


Salton Coffee Mug & Tea Cup Warmer for Office Use or Candle Warming, Electric Beverage Warmer with Automatic Temperature Control, White (SMW12)


  • Mug Warmer: Our coffee mug warmer allows you to keep beverages hot for hours, whether you’re enjoying coffee, tea or soup
  • Ideal Saucer: This cup warmer will keep your gravies and sauces at the ideal serving temperature
  • Candle Warmer: Safely warm a candle, without an open flame, and fill your space with pleasant aromas
  • Stylish Look: Style and functionality come together in the form of this compact coffee warmer
  • Comfortable Luxury: Whether you’re at home or in the office, a warm coffee cup is essential; Place your favorite beverage on top and it’ll stay warm for hours; Now you can enjoy hot beverages at your leisure while working, reading, or gaming

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