Sunrise Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers

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Sunrise Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers


Sunrise Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers, Wake Up Light with Sunrise/Sunset Simulation, Dual Alarms & Natural Sounds, Snooze & Sleep Aid, FM Radio, 7 Colors Night Light for Bedroom

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  • Wake Up with a Gentle Sunrise: Experience a natural sunrise from red to yellow with Dekala sunrise alarm clock. Choose your preferred sunrise duration (0-120 minutes) and wake up peacefully to 7 soothing wake-up sounds (birdsong, ocean waves, beeps, piano, music box, wind chimes, streams) or FM radio
  • Dual Alarms & Snooze Function: Set dual alarms to match each family member's schedule. Enjoy the snooze feature, giving you an extra 9 minutes of rest, repeatable up to 5 times
  • Wind Down Before Bed: Unwind with our bedside clock's sunset simulation, calming ambient lighting, and soothing sounds. Sleep aid mode offers pure light or pure sound, with auto-off options from 5 to 120 minutes or continuous all night
  • Customizable Lighting: Adjust time display brightness with dim, off, auto, or bright modes to suit your sensitivity. The auto mode ensures dimness from 10:00 PM to 6:00 AM, offering the perfect lighting for your comfort with 20 brightness levels
  • Multifunctional Alarm Clock for Bedroom: Use Dekala wake-up light as a bedside lamp, night light, reading light, or ambient light. Enjoy FM radio functionality (76-108 Hz) for added entertainment and use it as an alarm or sleep sound. The perfect gift for teens, kids, friends, and family struggling with waking up and falling asleep